Pump Maintenance, Commissioning & Testing

About This Service

Why do you need regular maintenance of pumps?

In commercial environments pumps can play a critical role in the functioning and operation of the building or premises. By doing regular maintenance you can mitigate potential risks of a pump and its associated components failing when it is most needed. 

What is included in pump maintenance, commissioning and testing?

PLE Electrical Service offers a variety of maintenance, commissioning and testing services including, but not limited to: 

Pump maintenance

✔ Pump functions correctly

✔ Check for any deteriorating parts, damaged pipework and leaks

✔ Check for debris in pit and pit condition

✔ Inspect electrical protection on pumps

✔ Inspect all level controls for correct operation

✔ Check pressure and flow

Pump commisioning

✔ Ensure pump function correctly 

✔ Connect and test pump and pump panels

✔ Set protection for pumps 

✔ Ensure all cables are supported correctly 

✔ Check pressure and flow

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