Fault Detection

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What is fault finding?

Electrical faults can arise due to various reasons such as, corrosion, loose connections, tripped circuits, melted or damaged cable, faulty sensors  and appliances. Our technicians, with the use of electrical testing equipment, will follow a process of elimination to locate and isolate the fault. This process may require disconnecting and separating electrical cables or devices and testing the integrity of each part of the circuit. 

What kind of faults occur in an electrical installation?

When tracing and repairing faults, there are three electrical problems that can commonly arise:

Open Circuit

An open circuit occurs when a connection in a cable or component is broken. 

Short Circuit

A short circuit is an unintentional connection of a conductor that causes flow of excess current in the electrical circuit, and causes damage to the electrical components. Short circuit problems arise mostly due to damaged or weak insulation resulting in a tripped circuit breaker. 

Earth fault

An earth fault occurs when a cable or component that has been damaged or broken comes in contact with an earthed frame or conductor resulting in a safety switch tripping. If there is no safety switch installed on the circuit, the earthing conductor could become live and cause damage to property or cause harm to a person.

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