Commercial Maintenance

About This Service

What is commercial maintenance?

Commercial maintenance is the upkeep of commercial buildings and facilities which include hotels, community centers, commercial hubs, shopping centers and large business’ to name a few.  We cater to large range of commercial clients throughout the Gold Coast and have invaluable knowledge when it comes to the commercial landscape of electrical services. We work closely with our clients to keep them up to date with new regulations that they will need in terms of maintenance and how this will be achieved. Our end goal is to ensure peace of mind with the service that we provide.

Why do you need regular maintenance?

For a commercial building to run efficiently and with little downtime, regular maintenance is required of the building and its electrical components. With thousands of lights, switches and wires, faults do occur and quite often. Without regular maintenance the degradation of these components is exacerbated over time and will result in possible safety concerns and a larger bill to cover the costs. 

What is included in Commercial Maintenance?

PLE Electrical Service offers a wide variety of maintenance solutions to our clients, here is a compiled list of our primary activities:

→ Upgrades and rewiring of existing services

→ New Installations

→ RCD Testing

→ Lighting and powerpoints

→ Test & Tag

→ Emergency Light Testing

→ Performance Testing

→ General maintenance and repairs

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